I use words that resonate. Phrases that impact. 

Copy with a purpose. 

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Bozeman, Montana is my home. It is a wonderful community of entrepreneurs and creatives who feed off of and challenge one another to grow and do better. Not only is the community inspiring, but as you may notice from the imagery on my website, so is the landscape. 

Although I work with clients from around the country, I am typically working from my cozy straw bale house, nestled in the foothills just outside of Bozeman, among aspens, evergreens, and our regularly visiting backyard moose. 



From website content and brand stories, to blog posts, tag lines, and ad copy, I can do it all. 

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Read some of my editorial and branded content to get a quick feel for my scope of work and writing capabilities. 

Let's see it. I've got my reading glasses on.