My Process


Providing a pleasant, clearly directed experience with clients is extremely important to me. 

While every project is unique, I've listed the basic steps of my process here so that you can get a general idea of what it will be like working together.  


The first step in the process is to have what I like to call a "Discovery Call."  We will take this time to ask questions and learn about each other. On these calls, I'm looking to find out:

  • Some basic background on your business or project

  • What your goals are

  • What you're struggling with/why you aren't hitting your goals

We'll also discuss basic info like budget and timeline. 


After our Discovery Call, you can expect to receive a detailed proposal outlining how I can help, and what the exact project costs are. 

STEP 3: Gathering content

Once a deposit is paid, we get to start the fun part! The details for this step are dependent on what type of project we're working on, but regardless, I will need more info from you. This could be current brand identity documentation, or an interview in which I gather needed information over the phone or in person. 

STEP 4: generation + review

Next, I will get to work and create what we’ve discussed! You get to play editor once it’s complete, letting me know what you do and don’t like.

STEP 5: The finishing touches

After reviewing the content together, I will make any necessary adjustments and resend the final copy. Your remaining balance is due upon final approval of your project.